World Event Center is committed to helping you create welcoming and inclusive virtual events

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” — Sundar Pichai

World Event Center is committed to helping you create welcoming and inclusive virtual events


Ask if anyone would like accommodations in your registration process e.g. “Are there any accommodations that are needed to ensure you can fully participate in this event?

Consider Offering

  • Offering phone-in service
  • Hiring third-party professionals to assist in reviewing and improving your virtual event plan
  • Live Streaming to YouTube


  • Include available supports and how to access them in every communication thereafter and in opening remarks.
  • Ensure your Event Team and all VIPs know the plan, understand the plan, and have practice being accommodating
  • Explain how those that would like accommodation can access it in opening remarks.
  • Ensure guests know where how they can find help

Conversation Mode

Consider hiring table moderators to:

  • Greet people by name when they arrive at a table
  • Share their screen with Web Captioner, a free live captioning service that can be easily opened in a different tab and started with one click
  • Instruct/Assist guests to move tables

Presentation Mode

Ensure your event team and guests know how to turn on closed captioning which is available in two places in presentation mode as this video explains…

World Event Center is powered by Remo who cares about inclusivity, diversity, and equity as we do at World Event Center, and they have this to say about accessibility on their website. As a web-application, Remo supports using:


Want to watch an Oscar-nominated documentary on how ADA was formed in US?
Here’s a link to CRIP CAMP: A DISABILITY REVOLUTION on Netflix…

We are proud to have just pinned our business on the app map…

#WorldEventCenter is committed to helping our event producers create welcoming and inclusive #VirtualEvents that are accessible to all. We offer captioning, phone-in service and suggestions here… #NationalAccessAbilityWeek

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