12 Reasons Virtual Networking is Better on World Event Center

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12 Reasons Why People Like Networking at World Event Center

  1. World Event Center is easy to use
  2. You move around freely with your mouse
  3. Maximum number of people limited to 8 per table which is ideal for conversations.
  4. You can share your screen
  5. You can collaborate using a whiteboard
  6. Branding/virtual decor sets the tone
  7. You have an avatar so people can find you when they look around the room
  8. People can click on your avatar, so your virtual business card pops up, allowing them to connect with a click
  9. Cameras are on so you can see and hear who’s talking
  10. Engagement is 89% higher
  11. Retention is up too because people like attending our virtual events
  12. You’ll walk away feeling like you’ve attended an in-person event

You truly need to experience it to believe it, so we invite you to be our guest on the second Tuesday of every month between 7 and 9 pm at our only inhouse event — DHSBA: Your Virtual Trade Show or check out some of the other public events we have coming up.