5 Types of Media You Will Require

Avatar Picture(s)

Typically guests are invited to upload a picture which appears on their avatar. This graphic needs to be less than 500kb and measure 480 pixels x 480 pixels. Some event planners wish to create their for their VIPs and for this purpose, we’ve created a Canva Template you can use to make that easy.

Event Graphic

WEC Event Landing Page Graphic Template (780x490)

Every event requires a graphic that measures 780 pixels x 490 pixels. To make creating that graphic easy, we’ve created a Canva Template you can use.

Onboarding Media

When your guests enter the event they will see a pop up that welcomes them to the event, along with onboarding media you upload which can either be 220×220 pixel image, or a YouTube video URL. By default this image will appear….

Sponsor Ad(s)

WEC Pop Up Ad Graphic Template (435x300p) (1)

When a guest clicks on a sponsor banner, the pop up ad appears which requires four pieces of information; ad title, ad media (graphic or video), button text (call to action) button link (that links to the sponsor’s website or show special). If you decide on a graphic, you’ll need a graphic that measures 435 pixels x 300 pixels and here is a Canva Template to make that easy.

Sponsor Banner(s)

Banner Graphics — Graphic Sizes vary depending on the Floor Plan you choose but they are specified on the World Event Center floor plan picker.