Play CodeNames at World Event Center


Open from your laptop
Click “Create Room”
Choose your name
Choose language and the group of words you would like to use
Press “Start New Game”
In the top left corner select “Players” and “Copy link”
Send the link to yourself, if you plan to play, to open it later from your phone

!From your computer! Join the game as a spectator

Share your screen with the game in World Event Center
Share the link in the chat to invite other players


Click the link in the chat
Choose your name
You are ready to play


1. Divide into 2 teams: red and blue. Each team has operatives and one spymaster.
2. Operatives see codenames (words) on the table
3. Spymasters see the same codenames (words) but they also know the COLOUR of each codename.
4. Spymaster groups the codenames (words) of their team colour and gives ONE-WORD clue to the team (*Spymaster can group as many words as possible)
5. Operatives: guess the words they think fit best
6. Pale cards are bystanders – if operatives choose this card, the turn goes to another team
7. Black card – assassin – if the team uncovers the black card, it LOOSES the game
8. The team that will guess all the codenames first WINS

Every participant can play either on their phones or on the computer

Operatives can discuss the codenames they are about to choose between each other in their teams

Spymasters should be silent and give NO clues (verbal/non-verbal) to their team