Can We Customize Floor Map?

Floor plans come in four colours:

  1. Multi (red & yellow)
  2. Purple (purple & yellow)
  3. Red (red, yellow & grey)
  4. Blue (blue & grey)

with two positions to display sponsor logos:

  • Up to 4 ads (over lounge areas)
  • Up to 6 ads (bottom of screen)

Custom floor maps can also be custom designed to best suit your unique virtual conferencing and networking requirements including:

  1. Color changes, stock furniture and layout, additional sponsor banners, logo on floor or stage
  2. Layout changes (2,3,4,5, 7, and 8 person tables, presentation halls, lobbies etc.)
  3. Fully custom

Costs vary between US $300-700 depending on the customization you require.

Here’s our custom plan which features 20 spots for pop up banner ads…

We recently customized it to:

  • Change middle table to your logo
  • Change colours (chairs, tables, carpets)

for one-time cost of US $300. More complicated custom floor plans would come in at US $700.

Contact us to get a custom quote or do-it-yourself using the Map Design Guidelines.