We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you then. We’ve created this expert guide with everything you need to know. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make this better, please call Sue Sutcliffe at 1-800-579-9253 or send an email.


Please send an email with the subject line DHSBA EXPERT with your pop-up ad information one (1) week before the trade show. Your logo will appear on the trade show floor, and when people click on it, your pop-up ad will appear similar to the one displayed below.

Your email should include the following items:

  1. LOGO BANNER — JPG, GIF or PNG graphic that displays your logo and measures 250×150 pixels e.g. Cabi as shown on the illustration above. This video walks you through how to create a graphic with specific dimensions using Canva free.
  2. POP-UP AD TITLE — 30 characters title e.g. Book Your Personal Fitting Now
  3. POP-UP AD MEDIA — Please provide either a 435×300 pixel graphic or a youtube video URL which will appear in your pop-up ad. This media should describe your show special — a compelling free offer that will make them click on the button.
  4. POP-UP AD CALL TO ACTION BUTTON TEXT — 30 characters of text you want to appear on your button e.g. SHOP CABI WITH MARLENE
  5. POP-UP AD CALL TO ACTION BUTTON LINK — Please provide the URL of your offer
  6. 30-SECOND VIDEO INTRODUCTION — Your 30-second video introduction should be in the following format:
    1. My name is {your name} of {your company name}
    2. Join me at DHSBA where I will {sharing a few sentences that describe your value proposition}.
    3. Can’t wait until then? Call me at {your phone number} or visit {your website URL}


By now you should’ve received your promocode by email. This entitles you to have five (5) VIP guests — clients, friends, or associates — join you for free and is required to ensure we sell out — the ultimate goal and another chance we have to promote you and your brand. Please ensure ALL your VIP tickets are used and avoid announcing publically that you have free tickets, as this devalues the tickets which are on sale in our box office for $20 per person.

Here are some scripts we designed to ensure our VIPs feel good knowing we are thinking about them, want to see them, and gave them a gift. Feel free to customize to suit your brand.

    I am serving as an Expert at DHSBA: Your Virtual Trade Show ( on Feb. 9, 2021 (7-9 pm EST) and have five VIP passes available to me. I think you would enjoy it and would be great to see you. Are you free to come as my guest? Please let me know ASAP as I only have a few and want to ensure they’re all used.
    Glad to hear you’re able to come as my guest! Please grab your ticket using the link you find at, and when prompted, click on the “Enter promocode ” link that appears before you pay, and enter my promocode which is _______
    This video shows you where to enter the promocode…
    I look forward to seeing you there!
    Sorry to hear you can’t use my VIP pass as it would’ve been nice to see you face-to-face. If you’re interested in attending next month please let me know or follow DHSBA on Eventbrite to get an email reminder when the next trade show is announced.
    Forward your original email to them and say…
    “I haven’t seen a response to my offer to you, so sending a quick email to bring this to the top of your inbox. Are you free and able to be my guest?”

You can also create an event URL that has already applied your discount.

Here’s how you do that.
1) change URL to URL of the event (string before the question mark)
2) change SueSutcliffe to your firstlastname…


  • ATTEND DHSBA EXPERT MASTERMIND — 4th Tuesdays (optional) where you’ll have the complimentary opportunity to network with fellow DHSBA Experts and get the scoop on new features. You’ll also have the opportunity to tape a 30-second introduction which can be played on March 9th at the trade show.
  • PREPARE FOR THE TRADE SHOW — Although you will not have a traditional booth with a table to showcase your brand, as an Expert Sponsor, you will be able to share your screen while you meet and greet visitors. Many experts choose to share a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation or video that rotates through their products and services. Some simply share their website. In the interest of making communications barrier-free, we suggest avoiding sound.
  • JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP – Be sure you join our Facebook group, give us some interaction, and ensure notifications are on to see our post thanking you for serving as one of our experts. Please feel free to post in the group and we’ll try to tag you also to garner more attention!
  • ARRIVE EARLY — We will open the tradeshow 15-minutes before start time so you can visit our help desk for an audio/video check, get help optimizing your avatar, and have an extra opportunity to mix and mingle with other vendors.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR AVATAR — Those that are interested in learning more about you and connecting with you at World Event Center can do so by clicking on your avatar aka your digital business card, so it’s wise to optimize it.
  • FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH WORLD EVENT CENTER — If it’s your first time attending a virtual event at World Event Center, we encourage you to attend a live demonstration, familiarize yourself with the Speaker Guide, and test your system in advance to ensure the device you plan to use is compliant. Important note: This platform is best suited for computers and laptops. Tablets and phones are not recommended.
  • FOLLOW UP — Be sure to schedule time in your calendar for follow-ups. To assist with this, we will get you a list of those in attendance the next day
  • ENSURE YOU DON’T LOSE YOUR SPOT — DHSBA Expert/Sponsors have three (3) days to lock down their business category before the Expert Sponsor spots are visible and up for grabs on Eventbrite. To reveal these hidden tickets from the event landing page, enter promo code dhsba-expert .


  • Please arrive on time and stay until the end as It doesn’t look good on any of us when a branded table sits empty.
  • For the same reasons, if for some reason, you are unable to attend, please be sure to send someone in your place.


Call 1-800-579-9253 and ask for Sue Sutcliffe or send email.