Virtual Trade Show

On the second Tuesday of every month we provide a trade show atmosphere at World Event Center!


YOU bring the questions. We bring the EXPERTS!

Each month you will meet experts in areas such as;
home renovation, landscape, financial, coaching, nutrition, fitness, esthetics, law, catering…
you name it! They just might be here!
Check out our Experts this month via our Facebook Group!

Who will benefit most
from attending a Virtual Trade Show?

looking for advice and direction or maybe just to get a handle on who’s who in the community!

looking to share your message whether your business model serves business to business or business to consumer

looking to serve clients, family, and friends by providing referrals for a wide range of products and services.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the mailing list so I’m notified of upcoming trade shows?

Where can I see which Experts are exhibiting this month?

How do I become an Expert Sponsor?

Where do I enter the promocode I was given?

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Kudos to you Sue for putting on and organizing such a terrific event. So proud of you and all you do for the community. Bravo.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night at DHSBA!! Even though this event was presented as a trade show, I didn’t except it to feel like one, being online and all… but it did! It was lots of fun and productive and I met a few new people. It was Just the right mix. Looking forward to the next one in November ✨

Thank you for a wonderful evening, loved it!!!

What a great platform to network grow and scale your business on. There are so many great experts – I always come away from each event with more nuggets and contacts!

This was a lot of fun and really felt like I was at a trade show…. The platform was intuitive, easy to use, great features! Looking forward to the next event!

Ian McCutcheon

I enjoyed the event. Lots of great new people and services.

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