World Event Center joined Earth in a Nest Today

Earth in a Nest is on a mission is to identify, encourage, assist, and promote businesses that commit and move forward with Eco-Age friendly best practices — from Space, Products and Culture, to Comfort, Safety, Accessibility, Respect and Clarity.

I joined after hearing the owner, Hariett Madigan present at a virtual conference I was attending at World Event Center, and love how the onboarding process started with learning, because as in my mind, awareness is the first step in change. And who better to lead the charge than small business leaders who’s very job it is to solve problems and innovate.

I look forward to growing my awareness and collaborating with Earth in a Nest and the business leaders who like me want to shift societal thinking and live more sustainably and inclusively.   Together we are stronger.

When you go want to go fast, go alone.
When you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb