30 Ways To Increase Engagement at your Virtual Events

  1. ANNOUNCEMENTS — Interrupt networking with a time limited special e.g. SPONSOR has 5 prizes for 1st 5 who get there.
  2. ASK — Ask people questions or to engage in some way right away.
  3. BOOTH — Pay extra for a booth and be ready to share your screen
  4. CHAT — Ask them to introduce themselves in chat, or tell you where they’re signing in from, and interact with them
  5. CONTESTS — Add fun, engagement e.g. selfie contest
  6. EMOJIS — Add fun
  7. ENGAGE — Be the first to say high and engage
  8. GAMES — Whiteboards allow you to play games together
  9. GET PEOPLE — Right click on someone’s avatar and select “Get {their name}”
  10. GIVEAWAYS — Always have something to give away
  11. HANDS — Give them an excuse to raise their hands
  12. HASTAGS — Post your hashtag on your event page and suggest people post using them
  13. INVITE PEOPLE — Ask people to your booth
  14. Q&A — Post questions in Q&A that people SHOULD ask
  15. MUSIC — The right song can make people bop in their seats.
  16. PHOTO BOOTH — is a great way to add fun to your event
  17. POLLS
  19. REVIEW — Ask guests to leave a review when they log out for (reward)
  20. REWARD — Reward good behaviour e.g. those that engage with you
  21. SCAVENGER HUNTS — add fun and engagement
  22. SCREENSHOTS — Are great for you and your guests to take and post on social media with hashtags
  23. SHARE YOUR SCREEN — Give them something to talk about
  24. SOCIAL MEDIA — Capture the experience with hashtags
  25. SPONSOR TRAFFIC– Ensure sponsors get traffic by incenting guests to visit and get something e.g. passport
  26. STAGE — Some people LOVE going on stage. Ask them
  27. TABLES — Name tables to stimulate conversation
  28. TAG — Suggest people tag themselves in pictures, and let you know if there’s one they hate
  29. TIMERS — Keeps meeting flowing as planned
  30. WHITEBOARDS — Most picture are visual so paint a picture