Event Manager Checklist

Plan to show up 15 minutes early and leave 15 minutes later than scheduled event.


  • Assist the host and any speakers with sound/video check and anything else they need
  • Ensure your background is acceptable to the event organizer


  • Sit in help desk keeping an eye for those sitting alone that may need help
  • Watch help desk at all time to keep an eye out for those that visit looking for help


Congratulate the client on their event and ask if they have another event scheduled with World Event Center. If they do, please take note of day/times.

Download the following into the google drive folder for this event:

  • Guest list (post-event tab)
  • Public chat (event page copy and paste)
  • Ad click throughs (sponsor tab)
  • Videos (post-event tab)

Delete the event (or clone and delete if client has another event planned)

Share google drive folder with Service Manager with your report which should include:

  • Name of anyone who had technical issues that were not resolved or took longer than a couple minutes to resolve
  • Any suggestions you feel that would improve the event next time

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