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Congratulations on your decision to ‘pop up’ at World Event Center!

Be A Good Host

As a table/booth host, it’s important for you to understand how to assist those people who need accommodations. Please reviewing accessibility best practices here in advance of the event.

Share Your Screen

As a Vendor, it’s recommended you “share your screen” at your table while you meet and greet visitors and although you could share anything e.g. your website or anything appearing on your screen, we recommend you prepare/share a PowerPoint, Google Slides presentation or video that rotates through your products and services but you could share anything including your website. Important note: In the interest of making communications barrier-free, we suggest avoiding sound.

Arrive Early

Arrive early. Your event organizer will admit you from the lobby earlier than guests. When you are moved into the event space,

  1. Visit the “HELP DESK” for an audio/video check
  2. Go to your assigned table
  3. Share your screen
  4. If you haven’t already, click on the circle at the top right of the screen to optimize your profile
    • Add your company logo as your photo
    • Add your name and any details you wish to share
    • Add links to any profiles or sights you wish job seekers to visit
  5. Open any media kits
    • Key messaging
    • Tweets
    • Media

For Best Results

  • Have an irresistible offer:
    • Ensure the great value you are offering is clear and succinct
    • Has a strong call-to-action
    • Indicates urgency e.g. show special, today only
    • Remove risk e.g. a bulletproof guarantee
    • Ideally free or low-cost
    • Leverage the four ad elements in your pop up ad
    • Sales copy and media can make or break an ad. Get help if you need it.
  • Promote your irresistible offer:
    • At the event (in chat, while networking, from the stage)
    • After the event in your follow up emails
  • Review and follow best practices listed on the user guide
  • Review and follow best practices listed on the advertisers guide (if you’ve purchased a sponsor banner)
  • Review and follow best practices listed on the presenter guide
  • Attend the dress rehearsal that is typically held 2-3 days in advance of the event and bring:
    • Your profile picture
    • Your website address
    • Your online scheduler URL or link to your contact page
    • Your Facebook page
    • Your LinkedIn page

If you have any questions, please speak to your event organizer or feel free to attend one of our weekly demonstrations and we will answer your questions then.