World Event Center makes it quick and easy for event planners to gather people in the most human-like way possible online, and provide huge value to their sponsors.

  • Quickly and easily set up local and/or global realistic events that get people talking and connecting fast
  • Record and live broadcast presenters
  • Provide huge value to sponsors, exhibitors and other partners with exposure throughout the event, pop up offers & fully-branded solutions
  • Customize table names to help people circulate, stimulate conversation and create fun/comfort
  • Share insights, news, celebrate successes & brainstorm new solutions
  • Connect authentically screen-to-screen, making virtual networking feel natural and fun
  • Freely mix and mingle with other guests
  • Use an avatar see, book a meeting or connect via social media
  • Choose or upload virtual backgrounds
  • Live broadcast to an unlimited audience
  • Record their presentation in HD
  • Instantly bring people on stage
  • See Q&As, text chat and hands-raised
  • Engage their audience with text chat & remojis
  • Screen, whiteboard & video sharing
  • Built-in timer for presentation and time breakouts
  • Your Virtual Event Partners will love moving around freely, talking and connecting easily
  • The amazing branding experience includes:
  • Fully customizable floor plans, event URL, landing page, table names
  • Pop up and trackable banner advertising
  • HD Recordings
  • Live broadcast to YouTube, etc.
  • Screen captures for social media
World Event Center is perfect for your next virtual or hybrid event!

Alumni Events
Annual General Meetings
Awards Ceremonies
Birthday Parties
Business Networking
Conferences, Conventions & Summits
Educational Experiences
Fundraising Events
Job Fairs / Career Fairs / Recruitment Events
Virtual Market Places
Pizza Parties
Poster Sessions
Special Occassions
Trade Shows / Expos / Exhibitions
Team Building
& many more

Many people surveyed say that World Event Center events feel (almost) as good as in-person events.
Start gathering your group online like never before!

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