How much does World Event Center cost?
What should I charge for advertising

The amount you charge your sponsors should be based on the value you deliver, but here is your revenue per event based on a few examples:

  • 20 ads x $25/ad = $500
  • 20 ads x $100/ad = $2000
  • 20 ads x $500/ad = $10,000
Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer 30% discount to NPOs that let us fulfull our mission to make the world a better place in the communities we serve. We also offer discounts for repeat customers and certified event planners.

What is a building and why do I need one?

Each World Event Building holds 800 people – 8 floors of 100 people each. As such if you wish to accomodate more than 800 people you’ll need to connect another building. Other reasons for setting up other buildings is if you want to have one set up as a tradeshow, or have some people in presentation mode and others in conversation mode, or spaces with different floor plans.

What is dedicated event staff?

World Event Center typically assigns one Dedicated Event Staff to you throughout your live event to attend to the tech so you can focus on your guests. Theywill walk you through downloading/deleting your videos and data at end of night and wear stars on their avatars. Duties vary from event to event but have included:

  • Welcome everyone to World Event Center and Introduce you.
  • Platform Demonstration
  • Help Desk (in addition to support at ? icon)
  • Switch from Presentation Mode to Conversation Mode
  • Send announcements
  • Help prep speakers and bring them on stage
  • Boot bad actors
  • Run videos
  • Lower hands
  • Mark Q&A done

Dedicated Event Staff is optional for World Event Center Affiliates only.

What is an Event Manager?

An Event Manager is someone you supply that would get the same power and avatar star as Dedicated Event Staff so should be chosen carefully and planning should be done to decide who does what.

Do I need a dress rehearsal?

Dress Rehearsals are optional but recommended when your event has speakers who are new to World Event Center, or you’re planning a larger event.

Can I do my own event set up?

Setting up your own event is fast and easy to do, but training is not included, and you will need to schedule a date and time to do this when you order.

What if my Guest Speaker requires a

If your speakers request a walk through, it’s highly recommended you direct them to our demonstrations where our team would be happy to walk them through getting on and off stage and sharing their presentation. This is free to you.  We are also happy to provide one-to-one support, however it’s best that a dress rehearsal be scheduled at least one week prior to your event and to be clear, this is not included with your rental cost. 

Can I have a custom exit page?

Yes, you can have a custom exit page. Please request this at time of order.

Do I need dedicated event staff at my live event?

Help is available 24/7 by clicking on the ? at the bottom left of an event, however most event hosts prefer to have us there to handle the technical so you can focus on your guests.

How Do I Get Started?

World Event Center created a Virtual Event Planning Template to make it easy for our team and you to; ensure we have everything we need to set up your event, and all the goodies to ensure it runs smootly. As the technology changes we update the template, so it’s always a good idea to download a new template for each event.

More Questions?

Call 1-800-579-9253, ask your question below or send us an email.

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