World Event Center

Grow your revenue while you connect with up to 800 people in the most interactive way possible online.

Online events that ‘feel’ almost as good as meeting in person.

World Event Center

Move around freely by double-clicking on the table or floor they want to join.

Video-chat with small groups of people making virtual networking feel natural and fun.

Book a meeting or connect with other guests via LinkedIn, Facebook or chat with a click of the mouse.

World Event Center - Presentation Mode

Presenters love how easy it is to use, and all the features:

  • Bring up to 8 people at a time on stage
  • Screen / YouTube video sharing
  • Whiteboard / Q&A / Timer
  • Record / Live broadcast events
  • Chat / Agenda / Green room
  • More

Sponsors love the Value!

  • Logo Exposure throughout the event as people chat
  • Pop up ads or youtube video ads with trackable call-to-action button
  • Reports of who clicked on their ads
  • Customize floor templates 
  • Customize table names to help people circulate and stimulate conversation.

World Event Center is suitable for many types of events:

  • Online Conferences, Summits & Conventions
  • Virtual Galas & Banquets
  • Online Trade & Public Shows & Exhibitions
  • Virtual Annual General Meetings Online
  • Online Meetings, Workshops & Webinars
  • Virtual Business Networking Events
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Other Online Events