Hybrid Meetings Are Easy at World Event Center


Although you could just point your computer or laptop at anything at your in-person event to have a hybrid event, proper planning and prep work is required to ensure both your in-person and hybrid guests have a great experiences.

Invest in an Event Professional

An experience hybrid event planner will save you time and stress, as they will remove the learning curve for you. Not only can they help you design an agenda/show flow that works for both in-person guests and virtual guests, it’s also wonderful to have someone at both the in-person and virtual event, and a plan to communication should something need tweaking after the event starts.

Plan the Technical in Advance

There are many technical considerations when planning a hybrid meeting, however if your main objective is to simply allow both in-person and virtual guests to view a presentation in real time, you have two choices:

  1. If your presenter is presenting on your virtual stage
    it’s pretty easy, you simply view it on your computer which is hooked up to the big screen.
  2. If your presenters will be at the in-person event
    you’ll want ensure they use mics — ideally wireless with noise cancellation feature to reduce background noise. If you have multiple presenters it’s easiest if presenters share same mic/headset (so you only have to do one audio/video check) or plan a break between each so you have time to reboot computer and do a quick audio/video check.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before the event, have a dress rehearsal, use masking tape to mark the areas where the presenter(s) needs to stand and your furniture and equipment needs to be positioned. On the day of the event, request presenters arrive early for audio/video testing.