What is World Event Center?

  • World Event Center is a revolutionary video conferencing and networking platform that gets people talking.
  • World Event Center accommodates 100 people per floor and there are 8 floors in each building,
  • No downloads required so doesn’t leave you vulnerable like Zoom does. Anyone here use Zoom?

What is World Event Center Good For?

  • Conferences, Summits & Conventions
  • Galas & Banquets
  • Trade & Public Shows & Exhibitions
  • Annual General Meetings Online
  • Meetings, Workshops & Webinars
  • Business Networking Events
  • Focus Groups

User surveys show that after using Remo, participants experienced

  • 3 times higher attendance rate
  • 25% increased leads
  • 89% higher engagement

World Event Center uses the latest video technology…

World Event Center uses the latest video technology so it's critical your software is updated to the latest version, that your camera and microphone work, and your system in compliant. Tablets and mobile are not supported.

Event Organizers Can:

  • Quickly and easily set up local & global humanized events that get people talking and connecting
  • Record and live broadcast presenters with the click of a mouse
  • Provide Sponsors/Exhibitors with exposure throughout the event and pop up offers
  • Customize table names to help people circulate, stimulate conversation and create fun
  • Fully customize event spaces to provide a fully-branded solution for title sponsors ($)
  • Remove bad actors
  • Mute everyone
  • Timer for speed networking
  • Gather speakers privately on stage (similar to green room)
  • Gate the event, so only those registered can attend

In Presentation Mode

  • Up to 10 people can take the stage
  • When Presenters are on stage, attendees can text chat, but all eyes are on speaker
  • Attendees can also raise their hands

Presenters can:

  • Share screen or video
  • Use whiteboards
  • See hands raised & chat
  • Post and respond to questions
  • Record and live broadcast presenters with the click of a mouse

This is What Conversation or Networking Mode Looks Like

World Event Center
  • All the tables and lounge areas accommodate maximum of six (6) people
  • Each of the circles around the tables are people, and we call the circles — avatars
  • Guests are free to move around the floor and mix and mingle with others guests by simply double clicking on the table they want to join

Guests can also:

  • Zoom in and out of conference floor
  • Click on ads to see a pop up ad or video
  • Customize their avatars so they are easy to find
  • Change floors by clicking on the elevator keypad
  • MAKE VIDEOS & SHARED SCREENS BIGGER OR SMALLER — To make the speaker video larger, click on it. To make the speaker video smaller, click on “Back to Map” or the ‘x’.
  • Click on someones avatar to:
    – Link up with them on LinkedIn
    – Make an appointment or
    – Send an email or private chat

How to Customize Your Avatar

  • Click on the circle in the top right hand corner of your screen. If it’s your first time here, it will be your initial
  • Click on ‘update profile’ link
  • Click on the pencil
  • Click “Add photo”, find the image and upload
  • Add a scheduler link, or contact us link
  • Link your LinkedIn profile

It’s Really Easy To Use World Event Center in Networking Mode

  • Turn on camera and microphone by clicking on icons at bottom of your screen
  • Double click on table to see and talk to those sitting there
  • Remember, tables accommodate up to 6 people which is a nice number to video chat with. Anything more than that can be difficult and frustrating
  • NETIQUETTE TIP – Turn your mic off when you’re not speaking, and on when you are

If you’re experiencing any issues with sound or video, here are some tips:

  • If you’re having internet connectivity programs WEC will prioritize audio and video will drop
  • Refresh your screen (place your cursor at end of url and hit the enter key on your keyboard)
  • Move to another table and come back
  • Turn camera and mic off and then on
  • Try a different browser as yours may be downloading an update

Need help?

  • You can test your system by clicking on the help desk
  • You can send me a private chat (by clicking on my avatar or chat icon at bottom of screen)
  • You can call me 1-800-579-9253
  • Do not click on the question mark as it’s not monitored in EST

Feedback is Very Appreciated — the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

  • Please feel free to fill in the EXIT SURVEY but note that your answers go to developers not me
  • 1-800-579-9253