What is World Event Center?

When you want to get people talking and engaged fast, while delivering stellar value to your partners, there is no better choice on the market today than World Event Center. World Event Center is a Canadian Virtual Venue and Service Center that makes it easy to create virtual events that gather and connect people in the most human-like fashion possible online.

World Event Center Building floor plans can be customized to suit your branding and event objectives (WorldEventCenter.com/customizable) and can scale to accomodate any number of guests, ads, booths and stages. As such it’s suitable for all types of events.

Although the above presentation speaks to the many features, World Event Center truly needs to be experienced to be believed so strongly suggest you attend a live event (WorldEventCenter.com/events) to experience first hand why one in ten people surveyed say World Event Center events feel almost as good as meeting in-person!