World Event Center was honoured to sponsor Whitby Chamber of Commerce‘s event “Reskilling the Recovery: What Business Needs to Thrive in the New Economy” along with Ontario Tech University

John Stackhouse, Senior Vice-President, Office of the CEO, Royal Bank of Canada was the keynote and talked about how Durham Region is well-positioned for growth and a come back in 2021, with increased competition and digital change accelerating. He stated that “everyone needs a data strategy” and that “data is the fuel”. He also referenced and praised Dr. Richard’s Florida’s work on the creative economy and how creative thinkers, community builders and collaboration will be leading the charge, and that “creativity = novelty + value”.

John Stackhouse, Murad Bhimani, John Henry, Rachel Sumner

Very inspiring indeed, as was the panel discussions featuring; Murad Bhimani, Partner, MNP and Board Chair, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, John Henry, Regional Chair and CEO, Regional Municipality of Durham and Rachel Sumner, Executive Director, Ontario Tech Talent

Virtual event kudos to Natalie Prychitko, Rylie Wilton & Team Whitby Chamber of Commerce for another stellar event. We love our work!

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