Speaker/Presenter Guide

Can I familiarize myself with the platform before event time?

Yes. World Event Center is intuitive, however speakers are encouraged to review World Event Center User Guide and jump on a World Event Center demonstration before event day to test out the features they plan to use. If dates posted do not work, a private demonstration may also be an option.

How do I get on and off stage?

Please co-ordinate with the event adminstrator on how to get on/off stage as there are two methods:

  • Speakers can be invited to stage in advance by email. For this to work, the speaker must accept the email invitation and when called to stage, click on the camera and microphone buttons at bottom of stage to appear, and click them again to turn off and leave stage.
  • Speakers can be invited to stage manually. by clicking on the icon in the participants tab. For this option, speakers are prompted with two buttons. One that allows them to “Join stage with video” and one that allows them to “Join stage without video”. When speakers are ready to leave stage, they simply turn off their camera and mic.

Can I share my video?

Yes, you can share any youtube video, by clicking on the three dots at bottom of your screen, selecting share video, and then clicking on the checkbox.

Can I share my screen?

Yes, you you can share your screen easily by clicking on the icon at the bottom of your screen. It’s recommended that as you are sharing, you also explain how guests can enlarge the shared screen (icon top right of the shared window) and then how to shrink it again (icon at top right of the shared screen or back to floor map).

Is there a white board?

Yes, you can share and use your whiteboard by clicking on the icon at the bottom of your screen.

How can I engage the audience?

  • CHAT— Ask guests to introduce them in the CHAT, and explain how they can chat publically, to people at their table or individuals.
  • Q&A — Ask guests to type something in Q&A that they’d like to leave knowing, and to upvote those items entered that interest them, and explain that when Q&A starts, you’ll go there to answer most popular items.
  • RAISING HANDS — Asking your guests to raise their hands is a great way to engage them. You have the capability of lowering all hands also.