Sue Sutcliffe

Sue Sutcliffe

Sue understands the need for community and relationships in a growing world of technology and global markets. She recognized the shift to online events as the beginning of a new standard of business. World Event Centre brings something unique to the online meeting space with an emphasis on personal connections through the strategic overlay of a large meeting space online.

Sue has embraced the online world since 1995 and continues to offer quality new platforms to serve client needs. From her first experience online she began to apply and share her knowledge. She created websites, including the first certified secure online shopping mall in Canada, and applied early SEO. She navigated clients into mobile interfaces for websites and learned social media applications like LinkedIn and Facebook for business use. She moved into group workshops and training realizing this was a faster way to share her expertise to impact more business owners and entrepreneurs and now works with many economic development offices to further that goal.

Personal circumstances saw her shift from active community life to one where she had to overcome the emotional and practical effects of isolation. Always one to learn and grow, this led Sue to embrace virtual platforms for teaching and training and poised her to help others see the new possibilities to grow with remote businesses. Her 30 years of experience support the technical background needed to offer both online digital training and meaningful events. Her virtual programs teach the steps to maximize and monetize your digital profile. Through World Event Center she offers the community experience of an in-person meeting virtually. It offers hosts branding and monetization, plus user-friendly guest interfaces where they can connect and feel empowered with choice. She knew this was the next approach for conferencing in a global marketplace with that shoulder-to-shoulder feel you only experience in community. 

World Event Center launched in early 2020 connecting a group of 60 businesswomen in the Durham Region who had just two weeks to move a live event to an online platform. It was so well received that referrals and partnerships grew in such high demand Sue had to pause her other business workshops and coaching. 

Sue has grown her event management based on two of her strong personality traits to offer online event production to a wide audience. The first is her natural affinity to serve. Her goal is to present original events that guests will remember as a world-class experience. And with client needs as her first consideration, that is where her second trait of leadership shines. Her unique offering establishes events with complete diversity. That includes budget but also covers visual and auditory limitations for guests. Sue is the resource for your next online event. 

Her personable, fun manner is reflected in strong ties to community service, client success, and her mission to help one small business at a time. She has been recognized for numerous community service and business awards. Sue will continue to dominate the digital world with her solid background in making online space profitable through courses and coaching while she enables event planners to foster relationships with their communities online.