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Catherine Davis

Good platform. Easy to use.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, loved it!!!

So glad to hear you enjoyed it Lorna. Was very nice seeing you albeit shortly. Thanks for your feedback!

Gene Lusherovich

Very good event. Thank you for organizing it!

Great Symposium!
ASCE Sacramento, ASCE Region 9, and REMO, you really “hit it out of the park” with this event.
Thank you.

A huge thank you! You really came through for us, especially during the COVID-19 crunch. You made the innovative technology so easy to use. Thank you. I noticed that this year’s venue only had eight floors. When we have this Symposium in Los Angeles next year, I’m hoping we can get at least a sixteen-floor venue. Again, thank you!

Excellent platform. I’ve been to a lot of zoom, WebEx, and team meetings lately and wasn’t expecting such a multileveled approach. Hopefully in a year they’ll have the lag ironed out and people will be more familiar with presenting on a video format.

I did enjoy the ability to do table breakout sessions, customize my avatar, and tile control for sessions and breakouts. This was quite the pivot from the smoking hole left by COVID. Great job guys. I live so far away these conferences are extremely difficult to reach. Almost a day of travel each way plus much higher expense than if I were from a nearby metro area. This was convenient and very accessible. I was pleased with the caliber of the keynote speakers.


Very successful virtual meeting. EXCELLENT IT help (there was always someone “at the ready” to help with any small hiccups and to provide helpful comments). Platform easy to figure out, even for someone from the “punched cards & mainframe days”. Thanks to all!!

What an amazing event!! Thank you Marlene for always pulling together an exceptional opportunity to connect and network – even and especially virtually. We so needed this.
The speakers were outstanding, the networking was terrific with the ability to move through different rooms at my own pace to meet new people, and the platform allowed for all of this to work so well.
Congrats on another outstanding event. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone again soon!

Thanks for providing your feedback Jennifer. I’ve shared with Marlene Marco who I’m sure will share it with her organizing committee. We enjoyed working the show too and was such a pleasure seeing you again!

World Event Center is exactly what the world needs right now. It offers the same feel as attending something live – tables, ability to move around, speaker stage, etc. Well done Sue!

Thanks you for your feedback Helen. As usual it was a pleasure working with you. Would you be okay with me sharing this in our making materials?

Please do Sue!

This is great and the networking went on smoothly.

Thank you for the opportunity to explore. although i experienced some little hitches , the help desk came to my rescue. you guys are wonderful
i am hopeful and optimistic on getting a job offer and immigrating to belleville through this. i wish myself good luck!!!!

Thanks so much! Enjoyed discovering a new tool (platform) to use to potentially host my monthly MAWB Meet Ups.

Great event and great platform.

Epic event! Thank you to Sue and Patricia for making this happen! 😀

– Arianna Fox

LOVE THIS PLATFORM!! It’s the next best thing to an in-person event!

This was a very cool platform. Thanks Marlene and Sue for the event and it was great to meet everyone!

Great event this evening #DHSBA.

Amanda Fitzgerald

I had a great time at this amazing event and I cannot wait to attend more in the future!

In some ways because of this platform set up, it is easier to connect to the other members in the WBN. I especially like the option to be able to move around so we meet new people.
Very creative!

Jennifer R. Maxwell, The Art of Connection wrote…
I’ve had the good fortune to experience the World Event Centre through the amazing Marlene Marco’s events, with Sue at the tech helm. This platform is a GAME CHANGER! If you’re in the networking space, get in touch with Sue! No more waiting to be put in a room without your choice, YOU get to choose who you want to connect within the space. YOWZA!! It’s absolutely outstanding tech. Thanks, Sue, for being here!

Courtney-Anne Craft

What a cool platform! It was easy to use, dynamic and conducive to engaging conversations.
Thanks so much to Sue and the World Event Center team!

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