Planning a Virtual Networking Event?

Find out how World Event Center can help!

World Event Center is easy-to-use, easy-to-customize, and supports authentic connections and increased engagement, unlike any other virtual event solution on the market today.

World Event Center gathers people in the most human-like way possible online and achieves 400% higher engagement. Engagement that will keep your guests and partners coming back!

  • Connect authentically screen-to-screen, making virtual networking feel natural and fun
  • Share insights, news, celebrate successes & brainstorm new solutions
  • Q&A / Polls
  • Chat (public, table or private)
  • Freely mix and mingle with other guests
  • Use an avatar see, book a meeting or connect via social media
  • Choose or upload virtual backgrounds
  • Whiteboards with unlimited potential for showcasing a brand, brainstorming, ideation, agile workflows, mapping & diagramming, research & design, strategy and planning and more.

Easy to customize and monetize

  • Event space can be easily customized to suit your requirements
  • Tickets can be sold to cover cost or offered free compliments of one/multiple sponsors who could get:
    • their logo displayed throughout the event
    • their name on table (named when they arrive to encourage them to arrive early)
    • introduce themselves from stage (while people ask questions in Q&A)
    • hd recording of you asking them the most popular (upvoted) question
    • whiteboards that could be pre populated at all tables showcasing their organization, add fun or collaboration

How much does it cost?

Our virtual event strategists would be happy to meet with you to
learn about your dream event,
review the options available to you,
and provide a quote that suits your objectives.