Virtual Events vs in-person events


The first thing that comes to mind about in-person events is the energy, the atmosphere, the feeling of being among people that have something in common with you and have much more to share.

BUT it is possible to create a similar ambiance in virtual events. At World Event Center you can customize the floors – it can be an old castle or a fancy restaurant or a nightclub. You can add videos, banners, games, you can have a DJ. Everything is possible virtual.


During in-person events, it can be challenging to join a table of people you don’t know. Some people often just mingle with those they know and feel comfortable with. Even if some person might look like an interesting personality it can be weird and uncomfortable to approach them and ask what they do for a living.

Virtual Events allow you to join conversations without any pressure. You can listen and step in when you feel comfortable. You can check everybody’s profiles and find out the industry they are working in without them even knowing. You can choose who to join and when and not being judged. Online conversations take some pressure off from especially shy people.


Being a presenter during an in-person event is pretty much similar to presenting virtually. The only difference is that you cannot be distracted or interrupted. You lead the show and all eyes are on you. For some people though, in-person events suit better as they need to see the engagement in the eyes of their audience, read the emotions, and may work on their speech instantly and say something impromptu. Virtual speaking is less interactive, although you can still read the comments and answer questions during or after the presentation. It is less stressful for non-public speakers and requires less effort from their side.


It is obvious that for the host and event planner in-person events are much busier in terms of organization and arrangements. They have to deal with service, security, AV equipment, catering, menus, decor, venue, the legal side of the event, and many more.

Virtual events have some advantages from that perspective. Of course, we still need to plan the agenda, floorplans, banners, invitations but in general, it takes less time and effort.

From the guests’ perspectives, both events require a little bit of preparation as well. You have to look presentable, be on time, have your business card or your profile picture ready. Usually, for in-person events, guests don’t need any extra equipment, whereas for virtual events they will need their computer and headphones or mic.


Tech issues can occur anywhere and anytime. It is unexpected but in both types of events, you have to be ready. At World Event Center we have a Help Desk Team as well as a 24/7 support team that is ready to assist you with any issue. Help Desk team is present at every event and provides instant service to anyone in need.


Of course, it is clear that in-person events can be held in any place, depending on the requirements and the type of event. But have no doubt, that World Event Centre is also very versatile. It can host any event from a birthday party to Award Ceremony or Job Fair. It can accommodate up to 40 000 people and the events can be held on different floors and even in different buildings.

We understand that your choice will always depend on your personality, what event you are planning to do, and what are your expectations. But if you would like to try and see if it fits your requirements or not, or you are just curious, we encourage you to visit our Demonstrations that take place every Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm.

We can’t wait to meet you and show you the magic of virtual events at the World Event Center.