World Event Center’s Virtual Job Fair Employer Guide


Review the User Guide
which speaks to system requirements and best practices and
test the computer you will be using 2-3 days in advance


  1. Click on the above link to enter the job fair
  2. Visit the “HELP DESK” for an audio/video check
  3. Locate your table and double-click to move there.
  4. Share your screen (see instructions above)
  5. Click on the circle at the top right of the screen to optimize your profile
    • Add your company logo as your photo
    • Add your name and any details you wish to share
    • Add links to any profiles or sights you wish job seekers to visit
  6. Open any media kits
    • Key messaging
    • Tweets
    • Media
  7. Open the agenda for the day

Screen Sharing

Although you will not have a traditional table or booth, you will have the ability to share your screen with live captioning, a video, presentation, the company website, etc. Photos of the workplace and work environment will help candidates see your company for the great opportunity it is and make your presentation and offer stand out among the many employers present. Most employers choose powerpoint or google slides, but could be as simple as sharing a page on your website.

General Chat

The general chat is seen by everyone in the event even if they are on another floor. We suggest preparing a brief message that says your company name, what you do, what position you are looking to fill and why your company is great, followed by an invitation for people to come visit you at your booth (on floor # if there are multiple floors). Repeat to stay top of mind.

Private Chat

How to send a chat with attachement

Private chats are shared between you and one other individual. We suggest picking someone from your team to collect resumes and when you meet a candidate you would like a resume from, ask them to private message you and send it through there. From here you can download the resume anywhere onto your computer and even review it right then. Ensure all resumes have been downloaded before the event ends as access will be lost once the event is over.

Interview Tables

It’s not a good idea to leave your table unattended, however if your company has multiple representatives, you might want to utilize tables labeled “interview table”. If at any point during the event you meet a great candidate that you would like to interview on the spot or just talk with privately, you can head over to the interview table and talk uninterrupted as if in your own office.


Please review accessibility recommendations here


Please call 1-800-579-9253 and/or reach out by email