$100/booking + $3/guest-day

(Last updated on February 22, 2021)

Terms and Conditions

  1. ONE-YEAR TERM — You agree to pay the agreed-upon monthly rental fee for 12 months, commencing on the first day of your invoice.
  2. RENEWAL — By paying this first invoice, you acknowledge that you understand that this contract automatically renews on a month-to-month basis.
  3. CANCELLATION — You can cancel at any time with 30-days written notice after the one-year term of this contract has come to a close.
  4. EXCLUSIVE USE — You acknowledge that events cannot be accumulated and that event access if for one organization only and cannot be shared.
  5. PRIVACY & TERMS OF SERVICE — You confirm you have read and agree to comply with:
    1. Terms of Service and Privacy Agreement
    2. Remo’s Terms of Service and Privacy Agreement.
  6. EVENT MANAGER ACCESS — Event manager access will be provided two hours before your booking and removed two hours after your booking. Dress rehearsals and dry runs are not included and are considered different events. Please call 1-800-579-9253 or SEND EMAIL to inquiry about availability for any other time required.
  7. EVENT MANAGER BEST PRACTICES — Event managers commit to best practices e.g.
    1. Private events only
    2. Download data within two hours of the event ending. Any data left will be deleted without notice.
  8. EVENT SERVICES — Set up and dedicated event support is not included but is available to you and will be billed out at current rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are guest-days? How are they calculated?

A “guest-day” is the 24-hour period initiated as soon as a guest occupies a seat at the table in your event for the first time. During these 24 hours, your guest can enter or rejoin any/all simultaneous events that you will be hosting. If your guest stays or rejoins beyond the initial 24 hours, it will be counted as a new guest-day. The start time of these events will be when the guest first entered your event.

Does this include labour for graphic design, platform management or guest support?

No, but we would be happy to serve you at our current rates.

Call 1-800-579-9253 or connect to find out if the day/time you want is available.