Our Event Planning Process

STEP ONE: Event Planning Meeting

Once your registration is confirmed we book an event planning meeting to learn more about your dream event. Your event producer will review the event services you’ve purchased, make suggestions on upgrades you may want to consider and walk you through everything you need to create/gather for us to begin and answer any questions you have about designing sponsorship packages that provide maximum value and keep guests/event partners coming back. We will also review timelines, schedule required meetings, and provide you with a virtual event plan that highlights what you need to create/gather before we can begin.

STEP TWO: Event Space Creation

Once you’ve provided us with everything we need to set up your event, we will create your event space and provide you with a link to review.

STEP THREE: Show Flow Meeting

We will meet with you and your event team to review your final agenda, show flow and finalize dress rehearsal arrangements.

STEP FOUR: Dress Rehearsal

We will host a one-hour technical dress rehearsal with your VIPS 2-3 days ahead of your event to work through any technical challenges your VIPS may have, optimize their avatars so people can connect with a click, and to provide them with experience getting on/off the stage and sharing their presentations. This process typically takes an hour, however some event organizers choose to upgrade to add time so they can run their VIPs through the entire show flow. Additional time is billed out at our hourly rate.

STEP FIVE: In-Event Support

During the event we will manage the platform for you and provided dedicated help desk support.

STEP SIX: Event Tear/Down

We will gather/deliver your HD videos, attendance reports, click-through reports, chat history, screenshots, etc. to you and connect for debrief meeting within one business day.

STEP SEVEN: Debrief Meeting

We will meet with you to talk about what went well, opportunities to improve, and next steps.

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