14 Reasons I Switched From Zoom to World Event Center

  1. Why pay a subscription fee when you can grow your revenue, while you connect with people in the most interactive way possible online.
  2. Engagement and loyalty goes way up with World Event Center
  3. Zoom requires software download to work (and updates and patches for vulnerabilities). Remo like Google Meet uses webRTC in the browser and thus requires no app download.
  4. World Event Center is Canadian owned and operated
  5. World Event Center provides your sponsors with exposure and pop banners they will pay for, and they’ll love the report of who clicked on their ads
  6. World Event Center pop up ads can provide links back to your website
  7. People can move freely
  8. Break out rooms can be created on the fly
  9. Video-chat with groups of eight people maximum, making virtual networking feel natural and fun. No more zoom headaches
  10. Book a meeting or connect with other guests via LinkedIn, Facebook or chat with a click of the mouse.
  11. World Event Center virtually enable guests who can get access to share screens, videos, whiteboards, etc.
  12. Customize floor templates
  13. Customize table names to help people circulate and stimulate conversation

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