Platform Features

World Event Center is powered by new and revolutionary platform that is evolving constantly, however here is a list of features at this time. If there’s a particular feature you’d like and don’t see, please add it to the comments below.

Conversation Mode


  • 6 people per table- Private video and audio call 
  • Table names and editing
  • Bio Card- Linkedin Bio
  • Bio Card- Country & Local time 
  • Bio Card- Linkedin Profile
  • Chat – Table chat, personal chat, General chat
  • White Board- Draw, Write, Add content, Upload content, Add mind maps and diagrams, Add widgets, etc
  • Screen Share

Floor plan

  • Custom floor plan after redesign- guidelines 
  • Custom floor plans GIF
  • Number of floors
  • Physical stage on floor plan
  • Agenda on right side of the stage
  • Youtube/ vimeo/ twitch video on left side of the stage 


  • Logo Banners- inside the banner video/ image, CTA (Optional CTA) 
  • Other sponsorship avenues- Event title sponsors, Event tagline, Table sponsors, Top left video, Stage presence, Announcements, on air live time with all attendees

Presentation Mode

  • Recording- recording reminder
  • Attendee view- Raise hand, leave event, Chat, Participants, Add question in Q&A
  • Invite to stage
  • All three levels of chat- Table chat, personal chat, General chat
  • Q&A- Ask Anonymously( fear of judgment), Upvoting
  • Participants- All participants, can message, view bio card
  • Screenshare
  • Add Youtube/vimeo/ twitch video
  • Whiteboard
  • Timer
  • Youtube Live broadcast
  • Unraise Hands

Event Speakers

  • Have special speaker icon for visual identification
  • Can enter the event before it starts
  • Can enter green room (stage table on the floor)
  • Can join in presentation without having to be brought to stage

Administration Mode

Create Events

  • Event name
  • Private event
  • Event Tagline
  • Event Description
  • Event start and end time
  • Invite Speakers
  • Customise onboarding- image or video youtube/ vimeo/ twitch
  • Announcements
  • Timer
  • Custom Event Branding
  • Custom Link
  • Customise Leave event page
  • Remove from Map/ Block
  • Put to stage
  • Delete Event
  • Clone/ Duplicate Event
  • Change colour of circle around avatar

Event Media Download & Analytics

  • List of Attendees( email, login time, logout time, time spent) 
  • Presentation recordings
  • List of questions and people who voted
  • List of people who clicked on the CTA button inside sponsor banner

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